"Glitter" illustration - working in progress


Working on the full version of coming up typography and illustration about "Glitter", utilise with Procreate. Inspired by one of the trends in 2018. Playing with colours around pink and gold to make it more like pastel gradient.

The Sequins details really take ages to be drawn!! 



- Wind blowing effect






- Layering

- Incorporating

40% to go stay tuned!

“Love You With My Blood”

The illustration I created for MEURAL - “The Art of Love” Artist Invites unitise with Procreate. Incorporating typography with abstract illustration included the colour of blood, cells, muscles, etc.

To illustrate without any “heart” which is too obvious to represent love. 
Instead, he uses another way to tell a story to his audiences.
“LOVE exists way before you realise it.”
It’s in your blood, in your cell, in your muscles memory before it leads you to feel it.

Submitted to The Art of Love

Submitted to Ello